POLITICS: Jeddy Agba Takes A Bow!

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                                     Mr. Jeddy Agba
By Efio-Ita Nyok
Unconfirmed information making the
rounds through the length and breadth of CR state has it that Mr. Jeddy Agba,
the popular gubernatorial candidate who resigned from contesting in the just concluded
PDP Gubernatorial Primaries in the state is taking a bow out the gubernatorial
race in the forthcoming general elections of 2015.
It will be recalled that sequel to
Mr. Jeddy Agba’s withdrawal to contest at the primary polls in the state PDP it
was rumoured that Mr. Agba would still be gunning for the top job of the state
come 2015, albeit, from another party platform namely the Labour Party (LP).
Accordingly, it was rumoured that
Mr. Agba had been adopted as the concensus gubernatorial candidate of the LP in
Cross River State. On social media platforms many of Agba’s fans peddled the
idea of Agba’s candidature in the LP. They are even seen to draw fisty cuffs
against perceived detractors of Agba.
Mr. Jeddy Agba is understood to be
a gentleman in the sense that sequel to Prof. Ben Ayade’s emergence as the
gubernatorial candidate of the PDP in the state, Agba was seen to congratulate
Ayade unlike others who didn’t and couldn’t. So, while it was rumoured that
Agba had defected to LP, Agba was yet to make it official as Sen. Bassey E. Otu
did last week to his fans who gathered to welcime him at the airport.
Jeddy Agba’s alleged decision to
remain in the PDP despite his displeasure with designated power centres in the
state is informed by his decision of the Presidency who adviced strongly
against it. It is perceived that should Agba defect, then the reelection bids
of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan would be profoundly affected negatively. It may have
been in deference to the national leader of the party that he took this
Furthermore, this decision would
demoralised both his fans and other defected and defecting aspirants. Others
have even hailed him as a true democrat. However, Negroid Haven will keep her
numerous fans updated on related development.