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By Nelson Osuala

Na wa o! Some people can’t stop to amaze me o.. Imagine where someone would post photos of hard currencies like dollars and pounds sterling and then request you to type what i would consider as “a holy AMEN” so that these currencies would disappear ‘from God knows where’ into your bank accounts.

This they allege, in the guise to convince the ignorant and naive, that by a mere typing of an AMEN… God would manipulate some forces and then their empty bank accounts would become fat and enriched with these supposed currencies. I call this a misguided (prosperity without effort) .Haba!

When did God become a magician I ask? Are these perpetrators by any means supposing that MONEY GROWS ON TREES?.. Are they indirectly suggesting that the ALMIGHTY now engages in ABRAKADABRA business?

The worse is culprits of these disdain acts on social networks tie such statements as emanating from prominent and respected men of God in our beloved country. Whether this is the case or no.. I CAN ONLY SAY THAT THE GOD I KNOW DOES NOT PLAY DICE NOR CHESS!