HEALTH: Apple Seeds Are Poisonous And Can Lead To Death

Reading Time: < 1 minute

By Lizzy Adie

  Apple seeds are known to contain a small amount of cyanide in each individual seed . Both allergies and death can eventually come if an individual indulges in too many Apple seeds. While eating a couple seeds may not harm you, eating too many can easily cause allergic reaction among many other unpleasant symptoms. Apple seeds should never be eating in bulk, and are not considered healthy like the apple is. The seed itself has no real nutritional value and can do much more harm than good.
  Reactions from eating too much apple seeds.
* Dizziness, feeling faint.
* Headaches and migraines.
* Confusion, unreal feeling.
* Vomiting, extended nausea.
* Anxiety and restlessness.
* Difficulty in breathing.
* Convulsion and possible kidney failure in severe cases.
  Apple seeds intoxication is nothing to play around with. With too many seeds in the body, any one can develop a severe allergic reaction and possibly die from it. The cyanide in the seeds works over a number of hours, so after the seeds are actually eaten, it will take a couple of hour for the symptoms to start becoming apparent.
  Educate children since children do not usually have access to this type of information on their own . You should always take care to advise your young ones not to eat the seeds. Since children are smaller, their bodies can often digest food faster than adults. This means that the poisonous symptoms will occur sooner but will also be much more serious. Whenever your children get old enough to eat their own apples, you should always take care to cut them individual slices so that they do not have the chance to access the seeds.   To get more info about Apple seeds, visit