INSPIRATIONAL: Strategy For Success

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Success can be defined as the ultimate goal of Man’s efforts in life,
but it is not easy to achieve when your goal is to be successful, then your
hope must not be in man. You remain the only one to make your life a success or
failure. However, if you have decided to make your life successful, then the
following steps are crucial in your life:

GOD : He is the Almighty, the author and finisher of everything. When
you have him in your life, every other thing needed for your everlasting success
will fall in place.

WISDOM : You require Gods granted wisdom to sustain what you have and
improve further. Pray for wisdom always.

PLANNING : The quality of your preparation determines the quality of
the success you will achieve. J.J Thompson affirmed this when he argued that
“he who fails to plan, definitely plans to fail”.

HARD WORK : Hard work remains the engine that moves every plan
forward. The old adage says – Work and pray.

ENDURANCE : Endurance is very essential in every human efforts. Do not
be too anxious to make money. Anxiety for wealth may lead to sin.It was on the
foregoing that Dr Paul Eneche spoke regrettably informing that ‘ The crave for
money has dug the grave of many’. You should therefore, Let money remain a
servant in your life and not a god.

COURAGE : You should be courageous as only courageous people achieve
success. Success shall be your portion in Jesus name, Amen.

Selected and  modified by:
Amaobi Nelson Osuala.