LOVE: Seek The Power Of Love And Not The Love Of Power As It Concerns Relationship

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By Samuel Ekun

Love to my humble description /definition could be defined as a legitimate response of a free heart. Love could also be defined as the enduring value of a person that gives you a sense of his/her importance to you. 
The first natural law of Man is self preservation. Man seeks to do things in his own interest. If it’s not to his interest he has no desire in seeking for such thing. Man desires to be in control or gain monopoly of power while others follows his lead. In so doing others are enslaved by his thoughts,words and actions. This on one hand could generate to hatred as to always seeks things to its interest as it concerns the “Love of Power”. The “Love of Power” will make you see yourself better than others, rude,proud,arrogant,and frugal/egocentric.  
The “Power of Love” on the other hand seeks to save others rather than itself. Going out of its way to seek the best interest of others. Love respects,cares and its humble. Love is largely demonstrated in giving,sacrifice. 
The “Power of Love” should be what’s demonstrated in any relationship. And not the “love of power” whereby one plays the role of the boss and the other plays the puppet. Love doesn’t keep records of things done to it, love doesn’t criticise rather it advice. 
A relationship   should entails care, faithfulness,trust,truthfulness, giving and respect. Trust should be earn and not just given. Does your partner gives you these? Does your partner sees you as been valuable in his/her life? Watch Out for Part 2!