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Is it  possible for me to forget the events that took place in lagos nigeria at okeafa isolo in which many sons and daughters with a supposed bright future lost their lives as they were trapped and drawned in the okeafa canal in an attempt to excape from the bomblast that took place in ikeja military cantonment which was just a stone throw from okeafa where this sad incidence took place ? I had just concluded my post primary education (secondary school) from ire-akari grammar school, okota and was residing somewhere in surulere then, memories of that events seems like yesterday as the pain, terror lingers, it was as though the world had come to an end!. Eyewitnesses reported that early that morning people had woken up and had prepared to go about their normal business.. Husling and bustling which is the case with settlers in lagos. Unknown to many that what seems like another blessed day would turn out as a day of mourning in oshodi isolo local government area of lagos state.  Reporters had it that some dynamites and other suffisticated weapons of mass destruction supposedly left over and recovered from the biafran war which was buried in what looks like a careless manner underneath the ground by war escapist and prisoners exploded in turns due to subjection to intense temperature and pressure Whether this is true or no remains a mystery as there were different accounts to the story. it happened that those residing within this catchment in order to excape death,  however did run into their death traps enmass like an unguarded herd of cattle. Since it was actually dark as the sun had prior to this time gone to its resting place. Many people especially children supposing that the canal which was covered with leaves and grasses was a dry land, rushed into it like the biblical Egyptians ran into the red sea in the pursuit of the israelites. The consequence was that they all met their end. parents were robbed of their children, people were displaced from their homes, new accommodations and rents skyrocketed and became difficult to afford as land owners, landlords and landladies saw this as an opportunity to enrich themselves.  Today marks the 13th year memorial service for that sad unforgettable event. May the souls of all these faithful departed continue to rest in peace as we all will live to remember them.. Amen.