NEWS: 45 Churches Set Ablaze In Charlie Hebdo’s Protest

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By Dickson Blessing
The French weekly satirical magazine that features cartoons, polemics, reports and jokes had on the 17th of January printed a cartoon of prophet Muhammed near the grand mosque of Niamey, Niger. In protest of this in this predominantly West African Muslim Nation, 45 churches has been burnt down.
The Niger officials reported that not less than 45 churches have been set ablaze over the satirical work of Prophet Muhammed killing ten people.
Authorities had said that these ones were in the church and the bars set ablaze by the angry protesters over the portrayal of the prophet Muhammed in the weekly publication of Charlie Hebdo. The publication subject to a terror attack that left 12 dead earlier this month.
The government had also declared three days of national mourning for those who died in the violent protest that first began on Friday. The Niger government had also promised in a statement that those involved in this awful act would be sought out and punished accordingly.