NEWS: British Ebola Nurse In Critical Condition

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By Blessing Dickson

A British nurse who contracted Ebola in sierra Leone is in a critical condition. Doctors have been unable to use the Zmapp vaccines as there are no more global supplies.

Cafferkey, who normally works as a state-employed nurse in Scotland, had been volunteering in Sierra Leone’s Kerry Town with the charity Save the Children when she contracted the deadly virus. while offering assistant to Ebola patient in sierra Leone 

Doctors said that the case of the British nurse Cafferkey has deteriorated badly on Saturday.
“The condition of Pauline Cafferkey has gradually deteriorated over the past two days and is now critical,” the Royal Free Hospital in London said in a statement.

The patient has been treated with blood plasma from an Ebola patient who had recovered from the administration of the Zmapp vaccine. Doctors hope that the antibodies contained in the fluid could help her fight the virus. 
“We are giving her the very best care possible. However, the next few days will be crucial,” said infectious diseases consultant Dr. Michael Jacobs at the time. “The disease has a variable course and we will know much more in a week’s time.”