NEWS: Suicide Bomber Fails In Gombe

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By Dickson Blessing
 A suicide bomber had died on Tuesday 13 January at 6:30pm as his bomb detonated while he rode towards the security check point in Gombe.
The explosion had shook the Kusuwa Mata area of the city while so many Muslims were at evening prayers.
Madmasi Mustapha a resident of Kusuwa Mata had recounted that they had heard the explosion when they were praying in the mosque. He said they had rushed out and discovered a motorcycle in flames and a body of a man torn apart  just hundred metres from the checkpoint.
Mustapha disclosed that the residents believed that the suicide bomber must have planned to reach the check point which is manned by a joint military and police squad fighting the notorious “kalere” boys.
Witnesses said that an angry mob had gathered the scattered body parts of the suicide bomber, whipped them and set them on fire.
The blast destroyed the suicide bomber and injured a little boy standing by the roadside during the blast.