Reading Time: 2 minutes

By Kenneth Abel

In life we all face different challenges, go
through problems from career(choice,
admission, surviving in school), from finance
(fees, bills, money to change wardrobe, cash
to help people when you want to, the money
to live a funfilled life), from family(where your
parents want you to be that “NO FAULT KID”
forgetting that you have your own weaknesses,
where mum n dad don’t understand you so
they keep comparing you to your friends
forgetting they too are not perfect, where your
parents constantly tell you to your face you’re
a disgrace when what you want from them
that minute is their word of advice. You come
back from school with lots of challenges but
you cant dare say it out for fear of hearing
your dad tell you, you’re a black sheep. It
happens and just then your sibbling will come
up with a sily joke, not knowing how you feel
about it, letting you walk the cold alone when
what you need is an embrace).
Yes, we go through these things and
sometimes we feel less of ourselves and other
times we dont wanna live anymore…
It happens but what will giving up achieve for
us? Do we constAntly tell ourselves, “we are
destined for greatness, i will go through this
hurdles a winner or do we just throw our
hands up in the air and give up? The fact that
someone said you’re a looser doesn’t mean
you are, what matters is what you say about
yourself that matters…
You deserve to be a winner, you deserve to
live your dreams, you deserve to get that
degree, you deserve to mount that stage with
50000 fans cheering, you deserve to run that
business and be successful, you deserve to
own that orphanage and help the less
priviledged, yea.. you deserve it… so stop
letting people weigh you down with boring
talks, tell yourself am better than that, have
faith in yourself, be your biggest fan even
when no one wants to see things your way…
be your own best friend and you shall achieve
that dream of yours…