POLITICS: Scolombo: The Show of Strenght of Calabar Street Children

Reading Time: 2 minutes

By Efio-Ita Nyok

Calabar delinquent and deviant street children A.K.A Scolombo, sequel to the lynching of one of the sect’s members by a disillusioned public, in the outskirts of Calabar on Saturday 17 January 2015, decided on a return march, in the attempt to demonstrate probably to the public that their invidious inclination to terrorise the peace-loving people of Calabar has not in any way been dissuaded.

The story has it that between 11 am and 12 pm of Sunday 25 January 2015 along Iboku Street, Mbukpa Street and State Avenue, while devout of various Churches where on their way back from their respective church services, encountered these delinquent and deviant juveniles holding the three streets mentioned above and adjoining streets to a ransom by harassing and embarrassing them, forcefully depriving them of their phones, electronic gadgets, and introducing general chaos as passers-by were terrified.

On Friday 23 January 2015 by 8 pm, it is said that a similar ignoble feat had earlier on been perpetuated by these lots in Mbukpa street. Now, they have repeated it in a space of 48 hours in the same street. In fact, they extended their geographical coverage! Who knows when, where and in what dimension they are planning to strike?

It is surprising that the security infrastructures in the state are yet to include Scolombo in their detail. Is it that they are not aware of this recent event? Or, do they lack the required motivation for their job? What is really the problem? Yes, what is preventing our security institutions from responding accordingly? I may not have the answers to these fundamental questions; but these are inquiries that are begging for answers, not empty answers, but real and practical answers.

I and every Cross Riverian including every inhabitants of the state indeed, who wishes that the state of peace and tranquillity returns to the previous status quo would appreciate if the first of such responses comes from the foremost security officer in Cross River State in the person of the Executive Governor, Senator Liyel Imoke.

We are waiting Sir!