RELATIONSHIP: Seek The Power Of Love And Not The Love Of Power 2

Reading Time: 2 minutes

By Samuel Ekun

On seeking the Power Of Love or giving in to it one must be able to see the necessary ingredients to fuel or spice up the relationship.
On our tail end on the first phase of the Power Of Love, we outlined some traits that governs a successful relationship or the basis on which a growing relationship should survive. They are; Faithfulness, Truthfulness, Trust, Giving and Respect. Faithfulness is all about being loyal, adhering firmly to person or cause. Also reliable; worthy of trust. 

Truthfulness is been honest and always telling the truth. 

Trust is confidence in or reliance on some person or quality. Also dependence upon something in the future. 
Respect is an attitude of consideration or high regard. 

Giving implies been generous and meeting the needs of others. 
Careful observation with keen interest one could observe that the foundation of the other recipe all rest on 

Truthfulness. When one is honest and always telling the truth, you earn respect and trust. When a partner is asking you to trust Him or  Her there must be a basis for you to do that. Watch out for the one who yells at you in public, watch out for the one who corrects you openly. In most cases they don’t have regard for you. If He or She is a short temper person who like throwing temper tantrums then tell Him or Her to grow up because they don’t deserve to be in a relationship. 

Relationship with purpose and definition are not for growing up babies or toddlers. “WATCH OUT” for the one who always plays and treat you too nicely. Well appreciated but too often than not they usually do these to clear doubts of suspicion when they know they are cheaters. It’s what lead to heart break when someone you gave all your insecurities turned you down. Don’t just Love blindly, “Use your head to follow your Heart “.

When one is faithful, truthful and have the heart of giving, you earn respect and trust which is the chief cornerstone for a firm relationship. 
“Being truthful requires you to be open minded. The ability to resolve difference amicably requires trust, understanding, respect and friendliness. Avoid frequent conflicts and always be open minded “.

The nitty gritty of relationship must not be neglected, the Purpose, Definition, Core values, Respect and Trust. Redefine your relationship and know where you stand.