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By Nelson Osuala
If kisses were water, 
I will give you the sea. 
If hugs were leaves, 
I will give the forest.
If friendship was life, 
I will give you mine.
Quite simply, I love you. 
This is Family Week. 
Post this message to your family and friends and me. 
If 3 come back…you’re adorable, 
5 means you’re loved. 
Distance makes me miss you. 
I may not always stay in touch but I care about you very much. 
I may not always stop by to say hi, 
but I hope to never have to say goodbye. 
I may not prove to be the perfect family 
OR friend but I hope the friendship we share never reaches an end. 
Send to people who mean the galaxy to you, I just did. 
I want this poem back. 
You are my family till the end. 
Now let’s see if you can get ten.