CULTURE: Efik Pride!

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By Ekeng Inyang

Efik ladies are “okut ama”
A decorator best words are “interior”, “ecstatic”, “finishing”.
These best fits the Efik lady. 
Never mistake a Calabar girl for an Efik lady…
Check those three things to differentiate them…”interior”, “ecstatic”, “finishing”.

The creator didn’t make mistakes about the sort of material they should be created with.
As when every other person were made with the top soil, they were made from “clay”…the riches for all solid buildings.
And when the British Queen Elizabeth heard about the Efik ladies, she decided to come to the great city of Calabar in 18th century to see things for herself.

If you take a walk down Calabar Road just opposite U. J. Esuene Stadium 
And in front view of the Shopping Mall, you will see an evidence in statue.
Neatly adorned lady with her golden comb on her hair, modestly revelling her knob to soften the atmosphere. Her dress in the Efik dialect is called…”ofóng ukud anwan”

The British Queen Elizabeth couldn’t resist but preferred Efik maidens to tend to her needs as the stories of their hospitable nature makes the wind.

If a true Efik lady smiles from the bottom of her heart…
There are certain features that will eclipse your eyes; 
Dimples and gap-tooth. 
Check out for the round neck, they’ve got it.

She always has sophisticated carriage. . .
She is always esteemable. . .
When ever I see one, it tickles my fancy. 
Truly. ..”Iban efik edi mbakara”