ECONOMY: 3 Real Reasons Underlying Nigerian Graduates Seen To Be Eager to Go for NYSC Service -My Opinion

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By William Oyo-Ita

The National
Youth Service Corps shortened NYSC was created by Decree No. 24 of 22 May 1973 ‘with
a view to the proper encouragement and development of common ties among the
youths of Nigeria and the promotion of national unity’. This was a direct
sequel to the Nigerian-Biafra Civil War of 1976-79. However, in contemporary
times, the purpose of the scheme has been abused. And it has been said that
when purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable. Below is an outline of the
extraneous motivations inspiring Nigerians for the NYSC programme.

1) Inability to Think

may be shocked to know that 75% of Nigerian graduates are unable to think in
the direction of their respective disciplines. Your question would then be what
does it mean to think? To think is simply to question. It is to be inquisitive.
Education is supposed to make a thinking citizenry. Through thinking,
creativity, ingenuity, originality ensues. Albeit, we find our tertiary
institutions turning out half-baked graduates who can barely think in the
direction of their professions. They can’t contribute meaningfully to their
disciplines. So, how can the nation grow?

2) High Rate of Unemployment
In a country with over 170 million people, with 2/3 majority of this
population being youths and a nation regarded as having the highest level of
graduates in the world and very few companies established along with references
placed on high grades; working experience which most Nigeria graduates don’t
have, high rate of triabalism, religiousity, certificate oriented, you find out
that in such nations one is only employed based on how many certificate
acquired along with grades. Majority of, if not all, Nigerian graduates will
naturally aim towards getting more certificate in other to be employed.

It is glaring
truth that Nigerian civil servants are the laziest. We find them in government
offices only discussing, backbiting, quarrelling,  etc for the ladies and the men AWOL in other
businesses during official hours. But, the key
to success in life is hard work not prayer or First Class. To become the best
one must work hard. What do I mean by hard work in this context? By hardworking
here I refer to putting effort, time energy to ensuring that you become the
best in your endeavors, take for example, a lady that studied mass
communication should get biographies of authors, get the necessary materials
and facilities to improve herself towards becoming a better graduate that hard work,
improving on yourself is hard work. Nigerian graduates very few strive towards
improving themselves. They feel government should be responsible for their
improvements. And since they are in a nation that does not look for what you
have to offer but rather NYSC and Masters along with Second Class they run
after these certificates.