RELATIONSHIP: On-line Dating Mistakes Guys Must Avoid.

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By Lizzy Adie.
”Hello !  You are sweet” is a bad start for a conversation. Figure out your lines well and select your first start of conversation.
Girls don’t owe you a reply. It works both ways, if you send a message, it doesn’t mean she must reply. Try to be gentle and calm. If she doesn’t reply, never be bothered.
Carefully select and check your spellings and grammar well.
Don’t ask for her cell phone number on the first conversation. Allow it flow for some days or weeks before asking.
Don’t ask for her nude pictures, it’s crazy because you never can tell who she is.
Ask about her life,  don’t just tell her how beautiful she looks only. Also ask her how life is with her, otherwise she would never want to meet you.
First date should not be too long, the best way is to have a walk or have a coffee together. Don’t plan something that last more than 2-3 hours.
Never ask her about her past life or relationship history.