LIFESTYLE: Disadvantages Of Marrying A Virgin- Opinion

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Most times when a girl decide to remain a virgin till she gets married,its usually out of indoctrination, or in some rare cases lack of exposure/opportunity.
Girls,especially in this part of the world are told to remain virgins till she gets married, so that her husband would appreciate her and put a lot of value on her. How true is this?
Well, if I should discover that my wife is a Virgin on our honey moon,I would be impressed that she was able to hold herself,that shows that she is disciplined. It also gives me some sense of pride that I am the “first” 
On the other hand…….
I will feel a bit worried.
Sex is the number one factor that determines the success of a marriage.
A virgin would have one or more issues relating to sex.
There are two categories of virgin(female)
1)Those that self-service.
2)Those that don’t self-service.
A virgin that self-service would be selfish on bed. She would feel she can satisfy herself and probably doesn’t require her husband for sexual fulfilment. Its their kind that would be faking orgasm in bed. They are usually the feminists.
A virgin that don’t self-service would be a sex maniac after marriage. Especially if her husband is really experienced on bed. All the urges she has failed to satisfy while in her youth would be burdened on her husband. Its their kind that won’t get satisfied after 6 rounds 
You see. Both kinds of virgin would pose some problems to their husband after marriage.
Imagine if your wife can’t be satisfied from your joystick, check closely she was/is probably a masturbator while in her youth. Worse of all when she fakes orgasm. Problems would start emerging.
Imagine if your wife has more libido than you do, after all the hectic pounding and pounding,she starts moving her hands over you while you resting  and then you start feeling insufficient.
This is my opinion.
Courtesy of Narialand