LIFESTYLE: Why You MEN Shouldn’t Marry Non-Virgins

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By Shutdown Brown
I was compelled to write this, with rate at which anti-virgin bashing threads are cropping out of every nook and crannies of Nairaland romance section.
Meanwhile, i’m not trying to judge anybody but with the rate they bash Virgins, Newton third law of motion which states that to every action there is always and opposite reaction, and it’s high time they started tasting the cup of their own bitter medicine. We didn’t tell them to be promiscuous….
People over-rate non-virgins when it comes to experience ish as if they were born that way, not forgetting they were once a virgin and it took them numerous number of sex to adapt and have experience.
Guys should don’t marry a non-virgin because they are highly promiscous and insatiable on bed.
Non virgins believe sex is their birth right, and if you end up marrying them, their EX-boyfriends would release a hit wonder on how they hammered her first just like Femi Fani Kayode and Bianca Onoh Ojukwu(Mind you, i’m not saying it happened grin )
Considering the fact that they have tasted all kinds of dick, when you marry them they would cheat on you even if your dick is big since they have seen a bigger ones…. They will cheat if you can’t pound like their Ex-lovers.
Well, There Are Some Categories Of Non-Virgins;
*Ones that were raped at young age and has never had sex afterward –
This ones are mostly misandrist and you should run away from them because they hate men so much. Anyway, don’t mistake feminism with misandry because they are two different things. undecided
*Ones that were raped at a young age and continued having sex –
They are mostly sex maniacs with loose vagina and are insatiable–fear them because they breed all sorts of STDs.
*Ones that tasted once and stopped and Ones that tasted willingly and continued non-stop –
The former is still okay and they’re a bit synonymus to virgins, but the latter are no go area.
Omotola Jalade Ekeinde husband married her as a virgin and they live happily while many actress that chop dick at a young age are still single. lipsrsealed
***So, my brothers and sisters, virgins all the way and don’t settle for less*** cheesy