NEWS: ISIS Chief Executioner Jihadi John Has Been Identified & Exposed!

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Written by Nelson Amaobi Osuala
US marshal identifies chief executioner for ISIS as MOHAMMED EMWAZI (Jihadi John). He was a graduate of computer technology and a British-born Islamist. He was the key factor that master minded most beheading of prominent US citizens and other foreign citizens. Amongst others he was the executioner in the death of James Folley in August 19th, 2014, David Hades, one Allen , and a number of other deaths. 
Prior to this time, all efforts by the American and British governments to identify this terrorist commando had proven abortive. American US marshals however informed that they first identified the dare devil (Jihadi John) in October 2014, but kept their cool awaiting further investigations and prove. US linguistic experts identified him by voice recognition with the aide of a specialised voice electronic device. 
Efforts are now being made to capture him as he is today being declared by the American government as well as the international community as THE WORLDS MOST WANTED MAN ON EARTH. To this, we are inclined to say that this young man will go down memory lane with the likes of OSAMA BIN LADEN who was known world over as a celebrated terrorist, a jihadist and the brain behind the SEPTEMBER 9/11 terrorist attack in America. 
With these situation happening , one wonders  with persistent skeptical criticism if SOME of our Muslim brothers are NOT actually revealing the antithesis of the supposed Islamic religion to which they profess is and can be described as a RELIGION OF PEACE . We further argue that “IS IT NOT THE CASE THAT IN THEORY , THE ISLAMIC RELIGION PREACHES PEACE BUT IN PRACTISE IT DEPICTS WAR , FEAR , TERROR AND DEATHS? These are many questions begging for answers. 
Nonetheless, from my training as a PHILOSOPHER I am compelled to always AVOID RASH CONCLUSIONS in order not to be guilty of the FALLACY OF HASTY GENERALISATION . It is against this backdrop that I hope to further inform my readers that irrespective of the fact that most terrorist individuals we know today are of the Islamic religion,  it would be a Mark of religiocentrism, nepotism, prejudice and sentimentalism to label ALL MUSLIMS AS TERRORISTS. This is my sincere position. 
It should however be noted that this JIHADI JOHN has been described respectively as a ruthless, notorious and merciless dare devil by some and also as a gentle and polite young man by others who alleged that they knew him during his school days to be of what I may call a Pious behaviour . Apparently, there seems to be a bit of contradictions within the personality of this individual.. Logicians would quickly argue that IT IS NOT THE CASE THAT A THING CAN BE and NOT BE AT THE SAME TIME . How can a spring produce both bitter and sweet water? This is even against the logic of human reasoning as it is against the logic of the holy writ of Christians also . Without much ado, it is no gainsaying the fact that the Obama administration deserves a thumbs up, a kudos and a double honour as she has consistently being in the front burner towards the curbing of terrorism both nationally and internationally. 
I therefore advice our Nigerian leaders to borrow a cue from the westerners to which they should employ in tackling our indigenous BOKO HARAM insurgence which has eaten deep into the fabrics of our national unity as a nation as it has left fellow Nigerians in a night mare. Our leaders should desist from going about and carrying about portfolios of greed and the insatiable lust for material possessions consequently abusing the political power they have and the leadership baton thus handed over to them by their ancestors while they remain in the in the corridors of power.