POEM: The Young Woman

Reading Time: 2 minutes
By Ekeng Inyang

She is young and innocent. 
Yet wants to grow fast
Yes everything in her is growing fast!

Her pointed breast becomes her pleasurable spot for the mirror 
And she would undress a thousand times in front of the mirror to admire 
And wish that she has a perfect curve.

The young and even the old men… 
They wonder what it would feel like to have the young breast stuffed in their mouth for them to suckle.
The young lady on many occasions have similar thoughts too.

But the mothers….
They will remember the warnings of the mothers not to go close to a man to avoid certain occurrences. 

I say…”the nature of a young animal, is to explore”.
She always wants to know why?
She wants to know what it feels like to be kissed and caressed 
And she might be brave not to advance more than that point –
Others get carried away!

But the young man’s intents has always been to go beyond 
And far beyond into the heart of Jerusalem. 
He doesn’t care if the gates aren’t yet open, 
He will open it himself because he has made a master key for himself.

The young woman craves for love more than anything 
And she calls it her first love.
Who ever becomes her first love, owns her heart forever even after they separate. 

She remains loyal.
Her first love is always her eye opener, 
Whom she shares her pride with and who takes away her gift. 
But as she grows into the society, getting attention, gifts, warm receptions, kind gestures, her loyalty begins to dance SHOKI. 

Her emotions tumbles like the angry waters and her appeal for him wouldn’t be there much because she craves for something else.
She wants to fit into the society now, she wants to feel the society. 
And then…she begins to wander, 
Moving from James to John, Peter to Andrew and she doesn’t mind sharing her integrity with the entire disciple in search of happiness. 

Then she realises, that “all that glisters, not gold”.
She is lost!
She begins to regret…and then she joins the chorus singers..
“love is wicked”, “all men are the same”.
Men detest her.

And so she changes styles, turns it into a venture
…”money for hand, bag for ground”.
She is now doing it for the materialistic benefits. 
She is very classy now…no heart to love.

Who is to be blamed?
Who will save our young woman?