POLITICS: I Won’t Vote Any Ijaw Man Again!

Reading Time: 2 minutes

By Efio-Ita Nyok

A member of the royal family in the ancient city of Calabar,namely Prince Ekeng Inyang,  out of an apparent disillusionment against the policies of the ruling party, the PDP, went to a social media platform to vent his disappointment against the political class, both in the state and beyond. 

He expresses why he will not be casting his ballot in favour of the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP). His reaction is categorised under basic themes. Read below in his exact words:

‘…That Ijaw man collected our only source of revenue (76 oil wells) and gave to another State without any political compensation’. 

Today the government of the State has to make expenditure and so they resolve to high taxation.

Companies that were cited in CRS went backrupt, others simply ran.

High level of unemployment in CRS and our youths who summoned courage and made alot of sacrifices to start up busineses can’t do so well because of the old crooks who are always there to oppress with tax.

What other evil do we expect?

No single Federal project to sustain the people. 
Cross River State that was brought into the world map by His Excellency the former governor, Mr Donald Duke is now an abandoned site.

The commercial transporters are being victimized by the government because government must generate funds by all means yet forsakes it’s primary responsibilities of making those roads motorable.

Graduates have now officially turned political thugs because that’s the only place they eat from.

Used and dumped*

Yet this set of poverty-striken people, victimized, oppressed, bewitched, mal-treated are now the ones who repel against change just because the PDP Government have decided to print T-shirts and give to them to trek under hot sun in the name of campaign. 

Shebi I dey here…I will still hear una complain.

As for me…I will vote change.
I will vote Muhhamadu Buhari. ..that Hausa man that you say has no certificate and he is old.
He had once proven he could change things and his love for the downtrodden. 
The fact the rich thieves don’t want us to uncover.
I still believe in him.

The weaknesses of his youthful life has been strengthen by age.

Yes Buhari#