POLITICS: Obama Endorses Buhari!

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By Efio-Ita Nyok

In the contemporary world where globalisation is becoming the in-thing, it becomes reasonable that the activities of a group of people, state, corporate organisation, institution should interest or even affect the other irrespective of the distance, prevailing ideology, culture, etc. It is in this context that the world is described by some as a ‘global village’.

However, in view of the fact that the trend of Americanisation, where American political, economic and cultural values are imposed on other sovereign states unilaterally in a one-way traffic, is the norm; as Nigeria decides who becomes the next president come March 22 America has been seen to want to foster their hegemonic interest in the usual spirit of perceiving themselves to be ‘the world’s police’. We could see this demonstrated when John Kerry, the Secretary of State, was seen to condemn the postponement of the February 14 general elections.

Besides,the White House is seen to go further by ‘donating’ AKPD, the political campaign firm that saw Obama to the presidency in 2008  and 2012 to Nigeria’s main opposition party, the All Progressive Congress APC. This move by the White House is reported to introduce a measure of frostiness in the diplomatic relationship between Aso Rock and the White House, and is perceived to be an obvious endorsement of Buhari, the presidential candidate of the APC.

In the main, AKPD is said to be denying any form of relationship with the APC. However, email messages exchange between AKPD and the leadership of the APC including that of both the presidential and vice-presidential candidates of the said party suggest otherwise. However, Lai Mohammed, the spokeperson of the APC is said to have affirmed the latter.

It is believed that America’s meddling in Nigeria’s domestic affairs is not to the best interest of Nigeria. At least, it is a truism that America does not have any permanent friend or foe except permanent interest. For instance, in the international scene, America is now ready to cooperate with Bashar Al-Assad of Syria despite the conviction to the contrary previously. What this interest is in Nigeria’s present political dispensation, is still covert. Whatever it may be, it is the prayers of some that America should respect Nigeria’s territorial integrity. America, to the mind of the author has never supported any state to their overall best interest. If there are, I am not aware.

God bless Nigeria! God bless this Nigeria!