POLITICS: We Must Remain In Power – PDP

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By Efio-Ita Nyok

For those of us who are conversant with certain realities in Nigeria's political scene, we would remember that, in the hay days of the People's Democratic Party PDP, it was rumoured that they boasted of a 60 year agenda in power. Meaning that they would be in power until 2058A.D. Lets approximate it to 2060AD being good Mathematics students.

Though today there is a disorientation in the PDP as it borders on the individual structures that constituted the party, it seem to me that, though that aspiration may no more hold water among the rank and file today, the fact still remain that the remaining individual features in the PDP still want to push that agenda maybe unknown to them or not directly to fuel that sentiment.

It still beat my imagination why President Goodluck Jonathan should be pushing for postponement of the 14 February general elections. Does it occur to the president and his team that postponing the elections further on what so ever basis is inimical to the growth of our 16 years democracy? Is the president aware that Nigeria is our collective business and not necessarily all about his reelection?

It was Abraham Lincoln who, in his Gettysburg Address(November 1863) defined democracy as government by the people, of  the people and for the people. The recurrent decimal in this famous definition is 'the people'. The Sophist of ancient Greece had earlier  posited that 'man is the measure of all things'. I think Nigerians should be the measure of government especially come 14 February 2015!

Democracy is and should be all about the people not necessarily the oligarchs. By people here I mean to refer to the masses, the electorate, etc. I do not mean to refer to a cabal that determine the trend to the detriment and against the glaring wishes of the masses. For crying out loud, the February 14 general elections should be about the people and not the lopsided sentiment of the party.

Mr. President, if Nigerians are no more comfortable with their political romance with you, that disposition should be respected. If they want Buhari, its their choice! At least, you should have remembered that 14 February was on the way when Nigerians pooh poohed the level of corruption in Stella Oduah, Alison Madueke, etc and you pretended to be deaf.

Mr. President, it took you ten days to admit that the Chibok saga was the truth. And until now nothing has been done. I want to use this opportunity to commend the Council of State for insisting that elections continued as scheduled. Worthy of commendation also is Professor Attahiru Jega for taking the bold step to conduct elections come February 14.

Let the masses decide the outcome of the elections not a cabal. Let ideology prevail over religious and tribal sentiments. If Nigerians want 'change', good! If they want 'transformation', better.

Whatsoever we want, let's have the right to decide.