ENTERTAINMENT: Jackie Chan’s Son Imprisoned For Smoking Marijuana.. read more..

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A court in Beijing, China has jailed Chinese superstar actor Jackie Chan‘s son Jaycee Chan for six months on the basis of a drug-related offence.

In August last year, Chan was caught arrested for smoking marijuana at a massage parlour in Beijing and was charged with sheltering others to drug use. His trial was broadcast live on the official Beijing Dongcheng People’s Court’s  Sina Weibofeed.

This conviction is part of the latest Chinese government crackdown on the use of drugs as well as the patronization of prostitutes, especially by stars. Star actor, Jackie Chan was absent at the trial of Jaycee and there are reports that he was fully in support of his son’s punishment.

At the trial, Chan said, “I have violated the law and I should be punished. After I return to the society, I will definitely not make a mistake again because I have made my family and friends disappointed for one more time. I have gotten the punished I deserve, but it doesn’t mean I have been forgiven. I hope I can use my actions in the future to get the forgiveness and to pass positive energy.”