ENTERTAINMENT: Jim Iyke Slams Segun Arinze, Says Charles Novia Needs Therapy

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Popular Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke who covers the latest edition of Glam Africa Magazine, has used the medium to rant about his colleagues, specifically Segun Arinze and Charles Novia, who made a mockery of his 2013 deliverance at the hands of controversial pastor T.B. Joshua.

While speaking about Nollywood critic, Charles Novia, Iyke said, “I will deem it completely reprehensible if I say what happened was orchestrated like people suggested. Segun Arinze and Charles Novia, men that I respected a lot, came out to say something completely derogatory of what happened that day.

“I am not really cool with Novia, we have always been at odds with each other, and nobody asked his opinion on what happened to another actor. If you want to be relevant; direct movies and project your creativity, so people will respect you more.Do not involve yourself in people’s private issues, I don’t talk about your wife, I do not say she is overweight, nor do I talk about the fact that you need therapy. I do not talk about your personal issues though looking at you, I am sure you have enormous personal issues.”

The actor went on to talk about  Segun Arinze, saying, “I do not talk about Segun, I know one or two things about him like he knows about me. We are not that close so he has no authority to talk about what happened in my life.

He used to be like a big brother, one that I respect, but he lost all that because of the way he went about this issue. I had people that shared my experience, people that were happy for me. I went there to get answers for something entirely different.

There are things that happen in your life that if you don’t have the answers to, you go to a higher calling to make sense of it. When I got there, in a space of 5 – 10 minutes, something transpired and till this day I do not know what it is.

They thought it was a PR gimmick that was to the gain of a Synagogue Church against one of Africa’s top celebrities, and they needed some sort of validity and authenticity, they believe I was used, well that is their opinion.

You cannot choose your time and place with God, you do not have that authority, God chooses it. The medium with which it happened was through a man, but my focus is the architect, so let them focus on man and a make mockery of it, I do not care what they say, my focus is on God.”