ENTERTAINMENT: Man kidnaps and rapes girlfriend because she refused to marry him… Read full gist here:

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Police are looking to arrest a man on charges of rape and kidnapping after allegedly kidnapping and raping his girlfriend because she refused to marry him, police in Mexico said. 23-year-old Viri Benitez of Chiapas, decided to dump her boyfriend, Fred Munoz Nataren, because he was violent and their relationship worsened as time went by. After she told him that she had no plans to marry him, Nataren became angry. One day, Nataren showed up at her house unannounced, claiming that he just wanted to see her.

Benitez opened the door, and Nataren grabbed her by the hair and threw her in the back seat of his car. Benitez stated that she was taken to what looked like a garage , where she was beaten. After the beating, Nataren raped her. Benitez told investigators that during the beating, Nataren told her that he was going to destroy her face so no one would want to be with her. She begged him to stop, but he just hit her harder. Luckily, Benitez managed to escape to a nearby restaurant. Nataren also fled, and police are still searching for him.