ENTERTAINMENT: ‘The Meeting’ Director, Mildred Okwo Says She’ll Be Stupid To Vote For Buhari

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Respected filmmaker and The Meeting director Mildred Okwo is widely known for her attribute of being forthcoming with her thoughts and opinion.

The US-trained lawyer, who is still enjoying the accolades that have followed her AMVCA win, has decided to go on record as regard her opinion on the forthcoming presidential election and who she will be giving her votes to come March 28.

In an exclusive chat with TNS, Okwo said, “Oh yes, I’m willing to go on record. It’s GEJ till 2019! In fact, I will be stupid to vote for anybody else. I’ll vote for GEJ because no other party has shown interest in what I do for a living and again, GEJ has done a lot of things for this country which he isn’t getting credit for because he is not shouting and making noise about them.”

She continued, “To me, going to the other party would be a drag back and I’m not comfortable with that. So, I believe in GEJ and I feel if given another chance, he would do even better.”