ENTERTAINMENT: A Movie Producer Still Owes Me N720 Till Today – Ramsey Nouah

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Nollywood actor, Ramsey Nouah in a recent interview emphasised that it is important for young aspiring actors and film makers to always put their responsibility into consideration. Ramsey explained that as an actor, responsibility helps to attract endorsements and in achieving this, one needs to deal with his or her character
and image to a level it can be well accepted by fans.

“Your responsibility attracts endorsements and involves your character and image as a role model. As a successful actor, you have a voice that you need to project in a responsible way,” he said.

Recalling his foray into the make-belief world, the actor revealed that one of the soap operas he featured in, he was being paid the sum of N80 per episode for just three months and throughout the remaining episodes, he was never paid till date.

In his words, “Back then, when I was in Fortunes, I was paid just N80 per episode and they paid only for three months. The remaining nine months of the money, I haven’t seen till this day. So for one year of my life of Fortunes, I made only N240.”