EXCLUSIVE: Akpabio Plots Escape Route … Purchase $2.5 Billion Submarine From BAE UK

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By Dan Etokidem  25 March 2015 10:29
> … Camps ex- KGB agents as private guards in Ukana residence
> … Deputy Chief Whip vows to kill APC members at polling unit
> …State security compromised – Essien Udim group.
The Reclaim Essien Udim Group has raised an alarm that state security has been compromised by Governor Godswill Akpabio whom the group accuse of buying a $2.5billion submarine from BAE Systems Maritime, a United Kingdom based Submarine manufacturing company. The decision to buy the underwater transport device from the UK firm was arrived at after efforts to purchase it from Triton Submarines,a subsidiary of the US Submarines Inc was rebuffed by the US firm investigation reveals.
The group said Akpabio plan is to abscond from the country with the submarine through the Ikot Abasi axis of the Atlantic ocean following intelligence reports to the governor that the possibility of escaping from the country by air should power change hands from the ruling party to the rival APC and he becomes a hunted man by anti corruption agencies is nearly impossible. AKPABIO it is alleged is exploring the possibility of seeking political asylum in Russia if Buhari becomes president and his rival UMANA UMANA wins the April 11th Governorship election. He considers UMANA becoming his successor as his greatest nightmare.
The Reclaim Essien Udim group said the purchase of a military submarine by a civilian governor just weeks to Nigeria’s most contentious election is a cause of concern to not just Essien Udim people but the state and country at large and have threatened to petition the International Court of Justice (ICJ).
“We want to use this medium to alert the world that state security has been compromised by Governor Akpabio of Akwa Ibom state whose desperation has reached a high level of impunity never unheard of in the history of the state. We have credible intelligence that the Governor has just recently acquired a $2.5billion submarine to aid him escaping from the state should Gen. Buhari and Umana Umana win the general elections. But the real intention behind the purchase may be more than just escaping which calls for vigilance by the people, caution on the part of the governor Akpabio and a probe by relevant authorities”,the release stated.
“Akwa Ibom state has never made itself ungovernable,people make it ungovernable. The state has never woken up to make itself unlivable,people make it unlivable. We can no longer live in pretence that we don’t know how we get into our numerous problem as a state. Any attempt to subvert the general elections will be resisted by the people” the group warned.
The group also alleged that governor Akpabio is presently camping some private guards believed to be ex KGB agents from Russia at his private residence in Ukana raising the fears of the possibility of foreign mercenaries being used to either rig the elections or go after perceived opposition members.
“We find it funny that the governor’s private residence in Ukana has been turned into a secret camping location for foreign mercenaries brought in by the governor in addition to hundreds of Toyota buses currently hidden in Ukana to be used to rig the polls. This situation is more worrisome when we place this frightening dimension the elections is going with last weeks threat from the State Deputy Chief Whip and Member representing Essien Udim in the State House of Assembly,HON Emmanuel Akpan who while addressing chiefs and kinsmen at the Customary Court Urua Arit in Odoro Ikot warned that all APC members should stay five miles away from the polling unit or risk being killed. 
This threat might just be a confirmation of covert deadly conspiracy being plotted by the governor and his kitchen cabinet against opposition”.
A source who spoke with our reporter on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the matter said while it is true that the governor has bought numerous buses for the election, the allegation of camping foreign mercenaries is still sketchy as only tourists who visited the state and decided to visit the governors hometown just for sight scene to have a first hand experience of the governments transformation agenda were sighted in Ukana a fortnight ago.
Attempt to confirm the purchase of the submarine from the manufacturers through their London Head Office proved abortive as an email sent to them was not replied as at press time but information on the companies official website reveals that BAE Systems is a global defence, aerospace and security company with a wide range of products and services covering air, land and naval forces as well as advanced electronics, security,information technology and support services. The company also design and manufacture naval ships and submarines,as well as their state of the art combat systems and equipment. The company is currently constructing the Astute-class submarine, a new generation nuclear attack submarine for the Royal Navy,the website posted.
This story was originally published on APC News Alert(social media page)