FOREIGN NEWS :”WONDERS SHALL NEVER END ” as parents climb school walls to help children cheat in Exams.

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By Nelson Amaobi Osuala 
25.03.2015, 2:03pm

It is no gainsaying the fact that in today’s world, examination is no longer the yardstick of measuring student’s success premised upon the bitter truth that there are many unholy activities that are perpetrated before, during and after the said Exams and such activities have succeeded in crippling the standard of our educational systems.

A critical evaluation of the Nigerian educational system reveals that year in, year out, our system continue to produce Half-baked graduates from both the post primary and tertiary institutions.

The question that readily comes to mind is : Who do we blame for such decadence? Should we blame It on the lackadaisical attitude of our wards towards their Studies Or should the teachers and lecturers be held responsible due to failure to impart quality education because they seem often times than not, ill prepared for lectures as they demonstrate disgracefully, a non challant attitude to duties!

To further question, should the Government be held responsible, as a result of the dilapidated structure of our schools which lack basic amenities, standard library, comfortable learning environments and the good teaching aides and equipments?

It is to my mind, one or more of these factors that informed the rationality of Indian parents to take a radical approach of scaling through school walls to help provide their children with extraneous materials to aide the children success in their Exams. 
Reports had It that during the Indian equivalent to GSCE (government senior certificate Examination) time, parents were spotted climbing the gigantic walls of a school building in their droves to help children cheat in Exams.

In a remarkable footage as shown, the families of pupils can be seen climbing to perilous heights to pass through window blinds what in our local Nigerian cliche could mean ” expo”, “ekpo” “orijo” etc. These ‘spirited’ parents ensured that their child receives the prepared answers to their Exams questions.

The footage taken at the VIDYA NIKETAN school in the eastern state of BIHAR, has resulted in the expulsion of more than 600 pupils.  Parents were also seen staging similar interventions in the cities of HAJIPUR and NAWADA, with one parent telling that they were forced to take drastic action because “Teachers don’t teach anything as they often fail to turn up to classes”.