HEALTH :Health Benefits Of Laughter.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

By Lizzy Adie.

   Laughter is the movement of the muscles, particularly of the lips, and of the whole body, with a peculiar expression of the eyes, indicating merriment, satisfaction or derision, and usually extended by a sonorous and interrupted expulsion of the air from the lungs. 
1. Enhanced  Blood Flow :  The act of laughter helps in expanding blood vessels and this ensures all the body organs get better blood flow. This makes you feel more energetic. 

2.  Easy Aerobics : You inhale more oxygen as you laugh, it is equivalent to doing aerobic moves. The difference is, you do not have to dance or wear specific attire while laughing. 

3. Good For People With Physical Ailments And Limitations: There are lots of people who want to work out, but cannot, owing to their aliments and specific physical conditions. Laughter therapy can give them an easier alternative to keep their body organs in better shape. This is particularly useful for the elderly ones. It is possible to laugh heartily even if someone can not run or walk fast. 

4. Fight Depression : A lot of people, both old and young, suffer from the feeling of loneliness and depression. This takes a toll on their relations and health in the long run. Laughter can help them overcome bouts of negativity and depression. That is why psychologist often advise people with depression and suicidal tendencies to opt for laughter therapy. 
5. Pain Killer : Laughter enhances the flow of Endorphins in the human body, as it has been proved  these act as natural pain killers. Laughter can reduce the intensity of arthritis. 
6. Helps Combat Asthma And Bronchitis : As amazing as it may sound, laughter can actually help you cope with lungs related ailments including asthma. Laughter elevates oxygen levels in the blood and enhances lungs capacity. 
7. Improves Short term memory. 
8.  Enhanced Group performance. 
9.  Helps Make new Friendships.