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By Nelson Amaobi Osuala (modified)
It was a sad ordeal for sandra (Name withheld) a girl that why determined to the core. But little did she know that the movie recently released titled “The pregnant virgin” was a bad dream to be cancelled by her. She had a prototype, the likes of pastor Bimbo Odukoya of blessed memory, who married as a virgin at the age of 22,may be She wanted to be like the virgin daughters of philip in the bible who were prophetess as recorded in the holy writ of (Acts 21:9),It could be that she had read about Bishop Oyedepo and his wife Faith who married as virgins.
Sandra like any other destiny conscious teenager, got her dream shattered overnight by one destiny killer. Sandra in her wildest dream could not imagine that Tony could ever betray her based on the thrust she had developed in him.
“sandy” as she was popularly called by her admirers was in her ‘teens’. She comes from a decent christian background. She was a free type, which earned her the nickname ‘free girl’. She had a lot of female and male friends despite the warnings from her parents, who advised her saying ” you cannot give a dog a bone to keep’ in her remarks, she branded her parents as.. OLD SCHOOL PARENTS.  And then went into a PLATONIC RELATIONSHIP WITH TONY. He was a very handsome and articulate guy like the bible informs that “… The heart of man is deceitful” (Jer 17:9), Tony’s heart was not an exception.
Sandra had been persuaded by Tony on several occasions to pay him a visit, which she refused owing to her parental advice. On different occasions she had sought advise from her friends, knowing that It is a fact that human beings can never be predicted, according to economists.
On one fateful day, she made up her mind to stop by on her way to the market. Tony was already waiting in a friend’s house. Tony quickly locked up the door as she entered, she pleaded heaven and earth but He was adamant as he was determined to ruin her. Sandra was under pressure, no where to hide. Tony’s demand was high, but she could not trade her virginity not for anything. Her PLATONIC RELATIONSHIP is about to become a “RAPE- TONIC” RELATIONSHIP. Who will help her out? Her only option was to scream but the Rap music was tunned to ‘are you nut’ frequency. Tony over – powered her and RAPED her.
She got home at 9:45pm. Her parents were tensed up already, ready to go to the police to declare that their daughter was missing. She cooked up a lie that she was arrested by the police but there is absolutely nothing hidden under the sun. Sooner than later, she noticed mucor coming out of her private parts. She was scared and told a friend by name Ada.
Later, her mother discovered that she was behaving funny.  She was obviously going through an emotional trauma, meaning that she was emotionally imbalance, why? It was because Ada and her had prior to this time gone for test where she was diagnosed of “STAPHYLOCOCCUS AUREUS”, a deadly sexually transmitted disease. Ada advised her to commit suicide, but thank God for one of her Holy friend called Amaka.
Amaka advised she should tell her parents what had happened, which she did. They arrested Tony and with the help of sandra’s uncle who was a legal practitioner, Tony was charged for rape. The treatment of the disease cost sandra’s parents almost all of their life savings. But no amount for them was worth their only daughter’s life. I thought the parents would kill her after the cure of her disease but in the words of sandra..  “All that my father said was.. ‘thank God for his mercy, thank God It was not HIV or AIDS.. I know you have learnt your lessons, sandra. I know you now know that you cannot go into a platonic relationship with the devil.
Sandra is now very close to Amaka because she was a TRUE friend even in times of need. They both got admission to University of Calabar and They attend the same fellowship on campus. I HOPE THEY WILL NOT MARRY THE SAME HUSBAND OH.. (LAUGHS)