LOVE : How To Live A Life Of True Forgiveness.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

By Lizzy Adie. 

    To actually forgive is divine. Start by pinpointing the source of your hurt, was it a failure, a missed opportunity, a heart break, a person who was mean to you, or someone who neglected you?  Get to the root of your pain.  What are you feeling? Is it sadness, grief, anger, pity or loneliness? Or is it something deeper like hate, disgust, Jealousy, or depression. The hurt may strike more than one chort on your heart.  Here are some few steps to totally live a life of true forgiveness. 
 1.  Forgive yourself and let go : forgiveness starts from within, you were not the reason that someone hurt you. It’s not your fault, you need to forgive yourself first before you can have the capacity to forgive others. Only then are you able to let go of the negative emotions associated with the hurt caused by someone else. 
2.  Breathe in Comparison : let comparison flow, one breath at a time. First, with yourself, then for the person who hurts you. 
3.  Forget about the problem and move on to the solution of forgiveness. Give your forgiveness to that person with no strings attached. 
4.   Forgiveness is one of the most powerful way to empower personal growth. But for the forgiver and the forgiven. When you let go of the burden of the hurt and all the negative energy of the emotions associated with the hurt, you are giving the peace and freedom to live as a better version of yourself. 
5.  Love Again : forgiveness lets you love again. Once you forgive, your heart is full of love. You are stronger because you love yourself and love others no matter the magnitude of their transgressions. You forgive because you love, and you love because you forgive.