Manny Pacquiao Also A Basketball Player As He Prepares For Almighty Clash With US undefeated Welterweight Champion Floyd Maywalter Jr.

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It all seemed the two Champs were avoiding themselves for an expected Match anticipated for five years now.  Claiming to fulfilling the wishes of His daughter and Son two of His eldest children of five. They asked Manny Pacquiao " Daddy we want you to fight Maywalter three years ago and He replied He doesn't want to fight.  Both fighters met last January in Miami heat game and Pacquiao believes it really helped to push for the fight.
Manny popularly called the "Pacman" the first fighter to win championship belts in eight different divisions . He is the Coach and one of the shortest player of the roaster of the team "Kia Carnival". Standing at 5foot 6inches tall.
Now it all seem hotly anticipated known to be one of the biggest fight in History of boxing after five years of expectancy. May 2nd " The battle line is drawn".