NEWS: fuel scarcity hits lagos, worsens in the federal capital territory

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By nelson amaobi osuala
Entrances into so many filling stations in lagos and other parts of the country remained shut to motorists from sunday, 1st of march, following a sharp drop in the supply of petrol to the market. Findings reveal that oil marketers were no longer interested in importing the product mainly because of the incessant rising exchange rate of the dollar to the naira. Other factors contributing to this fuel scarcity include delayed subsidy payment and the rising interest of loans from banks. With this kind
Of thing happening few weeks to the election, one could seldomly see any ray of hope in the next Government. Presently, many lagosians are stranded as majority of them are seen on the streets trekking to their places of work. Gas and fuel stations are filled with long queue of vehicles who pray for at least a litre of fuel to help push them to the next bus stop. We cannot stop but wonder what would become of the future of our next generation? Come to think of it, How would Nigerians transport themselves from place to place to fend for their daily bread talk less of going out to cast their vote during the forthcoming election.?
Courtesy.. Punch news