NEWS: Huge Penis Erected To Commemorate Annual Fertility Festival (PHOTOS)

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A huge erect penis weighing in at a whopping 280kg has been mounted to commemorate the annual festival celebrating the male sex organ and fertility in Japan.Not too fast anyway, it is a wooden phallus which was constructed solely for the purpose of the fertility festival which is done once in a year.

Everything done during the festival revolves round the male private organ.Participants are of the view that being surrounded by penises brings good luck and fertility especially at the age of 42 which is apparently, the seminal age to celebrate the Honen Fertility Festival.Even priests enjoy the penis party as well as they perform what is regarded as “purification rituals” to release the full load of good luck.Over the years, the festival is said to be gaining grounds in terms of being popular as it has been attracting tourists from various parts of the world to Japan.