NEWS :Is SHEHU SHAGARI really Dead? By Nelson Amaobi Osuala. 8:42am,24-03-2015.

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Premised upon the internet publicity of sunday march 22nd 2015 that alleged the unholy demise of the former president, Alhaji Shehu Shagari which did spread like a wild fire as there was reactions and counter reactions from different individuals across the country.

According to reports filed in by Daily Tribune, the personal assistant of the Alhaji Shehu Shagari foundation, Dr Atiku Nuhu Koko, did describe the News of his Boss’ alleged demise as unfounded and hence a grape vine.

We are a little bit surprised about how some jobless individuals could attempt to couch such sad cock and bull story about someone of such calibre. We cannot stop asking : ” shey people no dey fear again?”.

Some times ago, the same internet was abuzz with reports of the death of the incumbent Governor of cross river state, Sen. Liyel Imoke and other prominent personalities like the former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandella, prior to the time he actually decided to join his ancestors.

During the period when the rumor of the death of his excellency Sen Liyel Imoke, the Governor himself told News men that It was shocked and taken aback when he heard and read about News of his own death.

However, we could say that the likes of the former president of South Africa was not so lucky like Gov. Liyel as few weeks after this rumor he got tired and decided to sojourn to the land of his ancestors.

Without much ado, coming back to our subject of our discussion, we are asserting in consonance with what Dr. Atiku Nuhu Koko reported that: SHAGARI IS ALIVE!
It would be recalled that Shagari celebrated his birthday on feburary 25th, with all the former heads of state in sokoto barely a month ago.

for those who care to know, Alhaji Shehu Shagari ruled this country between 1979-1983, with Alex Ekwueme as his vice president. He was known to have recorded gaint strides in Housing, industries, transportation and agriculture as the major goal of his administration, particularly in those early years of a boom in oil exploration and production.

His regime completed among other things the delta steel complex in 1982, and spent hundred of millions of dollars on the Ajaokuta steel complex.. I believe that a good student of history is no stranger to that name, that is of cause if such student read his or her post primary school history books of geography.

Shagari’s administration was however plagued with allegations of corruption including that of electoral fraud in the 1983 elections. His Government was later overthrown by Gen. Muhammadu Buhari in a millitary coup on december 31, 1983.
Isn’t It funny that in an eve to the new year when everybody was supposedly celebrating and expecting the dawn of a promising new year, that was the exact night a siting democratically elected government was overthrown.

This is to my mind typical to what happened in the bible when the thrown of David was overthrown by his own son, Absalom.
Shagari never forgave the General for ousting him out of power. He blames Buhari for criplling his administration under the guise of fighting corruption. Till date, Shagari has never publicly supported Buhari’s presidential aspirations.

In conclusion, one wonders if It is not the case that It was the exact political enemies of the former president Shagari that must have instigated this rumour of his death! It is only in Nigeria that such evils can be conceived and her perpetrators go scout free.
To remind my readers.. Until today, we are still asking the question : who killed Okadigbo?”
Is it not disheartening that in today’s Nigerian politics, people do anything to clinge to power even If It might require that they wipe away their whole family..? What a misnomer.. What a pity!