NEWS: Jega – INEC Ready To Conduct Election

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By Dickson Blessing

     The chairman of the Independent Electoral Commission Prof. Attahiru Jega emphasized that the Electoral body is ready to conduct election which begins next week on the 28th of March.

    Prof Attahiru at the meeting with Civil Societies bodies yesterday, the 18th of March said "We believe very strongly that the period of the extension has been put to good use and it has added value and obviously we would be able to do a much better election and it also enforced our belief that the elections for 2015 will be remarkably better than the 2011 elections and in fact we believe it will be the best election in Nigeria's history".

    He also voiced his concerns on the security of the INEC officials and the NYSC corps members who would be involved in  the election "Clearly security remains an issue of concern particularly securing the staff of INEC as they are being deployed or as they are conducting the elections and also protecting the election environment" he said.