NEWS: Woman Digs Up Her Father’s Grave To Find His ‘Real Will’, You Won’t Believe What She Found (PHOTO)

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A 53-year-old woman in search of her father’s ‘real will’ decided to take the search a little bit further by proceeding to dig up the dead man’s grave.

Unbelievably, Melanie Nash, ended her quest in the most futile way as she did not see any trace of the deceased 68-year-old man’s will.

Metro UK report says that she didn’t end up any richer as she just found vodka and cigarettes.

Nash was among four people who were accused in May of planning to open the dead man, Eddie Nash’s vault in Colebrook, New Hampshire, then ransack his coffin.

The deceased who died of heart attack started an equipment business in 1979 which is still managed by his family till date.

It was learnt that she embarked on the extreme search because she felt cheated during the sharing of her dad’s property after he died in 2004.

Nash, who is due to be tried this month pleaded guilty to charges of criminal mischief, interference with a cemetery, conspiracy, and abuse of a corpse.

Meanwhile, the exhumed corpse of the deceased has since been reburied while his daughter is expected to be sentenced on Tuesday, May 5, 2015.

Two others pleaded guilty; a third person was acquitted.

Nash claimed that she was not given anything when her father died and had been thinking of digging up the grave for years to prove that her sister, Susie Nash, ‘hid the will.’

Her sister said their dad had only one will when his estate plan was done in 1995 and everyone involved were aware of it.

Nash said in a statement,  ‘All this was done for the right reasons and I know my father would be OK with it.’

At the end of her statement, Nash said, ‘What we all did was to dig up my father’s coffin, Eddie Nash, looking for documents. We did it with respect.’

Her attorney opined that her statements were given before she was informed of her right against self-incrimination.

However, a judge ruled that she freely came to the police station after a warrant had been issued for her arrest and voluntarily gave her statements.

Although she feels at ease after her sister pleaded guilty, Susie Nash said the effect will linger.

She said, ‘It still leaves an impact on you. Every time I visit the cemetery, I will be thinking of this.