POLITICS: APC’s Financial Breakdown of Jonathan’s 2015 Presidential Campaign – Must Read!

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By Efio-Ita Nyok| 15 March 2015| 7:30 am

Below is a financial breakdown of President Goodluck Jonathan's 2015 presidential campaigns by one Cramjones alleged to be Fani Femi- Kayode(FFK) on Nairaland:

1. Over $40 million were distributed to Pastors and
other Christian leaders.

2. Over $25 million were distributed to Imams in the

3. Over $20 million were distributed to traditional
leaders accross the country. Each traditional leader
in the South West received between $250,000 to
$300,000 from the President.

4. Each rally costed at least $10 million: This
includes, payment of about N500 – N3000 ($3 –
$17) to mobilize "supporters", security, logistics,
private jet transports etc. Multiply by at least 30
states will give over $300 million!!!

5. Media houses were bribed with millions, we were
not privy to how much each received, but we can
category say that AIT was given a check of $45
million to do their hatchet jobs.

6. Social media campaigns has gulped another $50
millions: This includes payment for short youtube
videos, nairaland campaigns, twitter and facebook
paid groups. Payment of people like Fani Kayode,
Okupe, Omokri, Abati, bloggers like Linda Ikeji and

7. Another $8 million each was paid to each PDP
governor for "mobilization" of their people and
various stakeholders.

8. Each minister received at least $1m – $2m for
mobilization as well.

9. Several diasporan organizations have received a
total of $3 million. These organizations are mainly
based in the UK, United States and Canada.

10. $10million was reserved for Foreign media
"mobilization". Fani Kayode and others did their best
to see how they could win Foreign media,
unfortunately the only media that accepted Op-Ed or
campaign related posts were the Washington Post
and Washington Times. When it caused so much
uproar, WP declined further publications. Also
unfortunately for GEJ and his team. The US and UK
govt are not in support of his Presidency, and major
Foreign media like the New York Times and The
Economist ALWAYS check with their governments
before a major article is written about other foreign
governments. Hence the duo supporting General
Mohammadu Buhari.
In summary, after putting all the estimates we have,
the GEJ government has literally squandared
National wealth in the excess of $1billion to win a
disgruntled public that only wants change!

Why I do not completely agree with the above publication by an APC crony, it should be emphasised that elections in any democracy is quite expensive. However, the source of the funding should be legitimate.

In my opinion, the funding of both the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)'s and All Peoples Progressive Congress (APC)'s presidential campaigns among others has been mysterious, especially the APC. I am asking for the umpteenth time, who funds Mohammadu Buhari's presidential campaigns!? There has never been an answer! He borrowed 27.5 million naira for the APC presidential nomination form but his wife confesses to spending over 133 million naira on charity.

Beyond Governor Rotimi Amaechi's 10 billion or thereabout, Atiku Abubakar's 900 million naira, and Bola Tinubu's billions, how does the APC generate her fund? These trio cannot basically fund Buhari thus far.

President Goodluck Jonathan's alleged $1billion is taxpayers'; Mohammadu Buhari's unquantifiable billions is whose!?