REVELATION : Prophet Reveals Election Result. A Must Read.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

By Lizzy Adie. 

   Prophet Alex  Alatan of the Celestial Church of Christ, Freedom Parish in Benin, Edo State has released the result of who’s going to wear the cap come 28th March. 
     Prophet Alex Alatan said that based on what he heard from God, Jonathan would win the election.  He added that, however, the president should rebuke the spirit of fear and doubt otherwise, dangerous development is possible in the country. 
He added that ” God is also warning those around the president, his trusted allies and advisers to tread with caution in their actions and utterances so as not to cause avoided problems in the country.”  
    “should they fail to desist, I  see the military being pushed to take over the reins of governance once again and the consequences would be unpleasant and devastating for Nigeria and her people. It will thereafter be difficult to prevail on them to return the country to democracy with their actions and utterances, they are are inadvertently inviting the military to take over reins of power, contrary to the will of God. “
 ” so, this is a warning to the ruling party, the PDP. They should remove fear from their heart. God has said president Jonathan would again be elected only if he would remove fear of loosing the contest from his mind.” He should remove the spirit of doubt and fear from his mind.  Before any election is held, it has already taken place in the spiritual realm and it has been confirmed spiritually that President Jonathan would win. “so the PDP should be warned, they are trying to cause problems in this great country especially the president campaign organization spokesperson. The military are annoyed with him that is what the spirit of God said. Satan is using some persons in the inner circle of the party negatively to truncate the chances of Jonathan and possibly cause problem in the country”.