SPORTS: Brief Info On Chelsea

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Chelsea have dropped an average of just 8.6 points during their final

10 games over the last 10 seasons… Manchester City cannot retain the

title if history repeats itself.

If the Blues replicate the form they have shown in their last 10 games

during previous seasons then Manchester City will not be able to

retain the league title even if they claim nine consecutive wins.

Do you think they can?

Mar 22- A-Hull City, 4:00 PM

Apr. 04- H-Stoke City, 4:30 PM

Apr. 12- A-QPR, 12:30 PM

Apr. 18- H-Man Utd, 4:30 PM

Apr. 26- A-Arsenal, 3:00 PM

Apr. 29- A-LCY, 6:45 PM

May. 02- H-Crystal Palace, 2:00 PM

May. 09- H-Liverpool, 2:00 PM

May. 16- A-WBA, 2:00 PM

May. 24- H-Sunderland, 2:00 PM

How many points in total do you think Chelsea can scoop from these fixtures?

Just 22 needed