ACCIDENT NEWS : 7 person Dies in Kano as pedestrian bridge collapse on a Taxi.

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By Nelson Amaobi Osuala
27th of April 2015,  08:02am.

Seven persons including a taxi driver and his passengers died yesterday afternoon after an uncompleted pedestrian bridge at Dorayi quarters in Kano state collapsed on them at about 4.45pm on sunday, 26th of April.

According to reports by eye witness , all efforts made by construction workers to warn the taxi driver and other pedestrians not to pass under the bridge as it was still under construction proved abortive as they stubbornly ignored the warning. One would have wondered if they were bewitched to have turned deaf ears to such timely warnings.

It was not long as just at the nick of time, the unexpected happened as though was staged like the Movies. As soon as the taxi driver drove under the bridge, it caved, as all of ‘Hell was now let loosed’ crumbling down on the taxi and without mercy, crushing the driver, its passengers and other pedestrians.

Another death incidence.. Who is to blame now? A question that remains unanswered.

The bodies of the victims have now been deposited at a hospital mortuary.