BUSINESS NEWS. The (13) Reasons Why Some People Are Rich And Some Are Poor.

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By Nelson Amaobi Osuala (extracted)
16.04.2015, 09:10am.

1# The difference is that poor people eat their seed whereas Rich people sow or Invest their seed.

2# The poor want to live like the Rich so they buy luxuries. The Rich, however, never spend. They multiply their Money and live off the overflow.

3# The Rich know how to identify opportunities, whereas the Poor do not see the opportunities.

4# The Rich have the “can do” mindset, but the poor rely on miracles and luck. “Lazy hands make a Man poor but Diligent hands bring wealth (prov.10:4, NIV).

5# poverty is not a state of the pocket or purse, it is a state of the mind.

6# For the majority of their time, the poor are not doing enough things in an efficient manner, whereas, the rich are experts at what they do and they are Diligent in their work.

7# Poverty is a lack of management, whereas the rich know how to manage resources.

8# Poverty is a lack of savings and investments, whereas the rich understand and practise saving and investing.

9# The poor have not learned how to reduce their expenses, whereas the rich have learnt how to overcome their appetite.

10# The rich are masters of their gifts and resources, but the poor have not maximized these.

11# The poor are afraid of failure, whereas the rich take risks.

12# Failure comes by making excuses, but the rich ask, “Why not?”

13# Poverty comes by inability, lack of self-discipline, and unwillingness to confront hardship.