ENTERTAINMENT: Convicted rapist spared jail time after being disfigured in payback acid attack

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By William Oyo-Ita 7 April 2015

Donny Ray Williams, a former congressional aide and Obama staffer was spared jail time last Friday April 4th after he pleaded guilty to drugging and sexually assaulting two women, including a former intern. He was spared jail time because sometime in 2013, someone attacked him with acid that left him disfigured for life. Guess the court figured he had received enough punishment because many believe the acid attack was a pay back for the rapes, though he claims the boyfriend of a woman he was dating did it to him.

According to reports, Donny Ray Williams, who was once a staffer for the Senate Homeland Security subcommittee, slipped Ambien into the drink of an intern in 2010 before having sex with her while she lay unconscious. That same year, he had sex with a woman too inebriated to give her consent, prosecutors say.
Despite admitting his guilt in December, D.C. prosecutors on Friday asked that Williams be spared prison time because he is himself the victim of a crime – the effects of which will mar the remainder of his life, Washington Post reports.
The decision to give Williams a suspended jail sentence and 5 years probation – which Judge Robert E. Morin reluctantly agreed to – came despite one of his victim’s request he be given ‘some jail time.’ 
‘He gave me a random dose of drugs and risked my life,’ the woman argued in a letter read in D.C. Superior Court last week.
The woman had just moved to Washington as an intern. She initially warmed to Williams because she believed he could help her get a leg up on Capitol Hill.
 ‘After the assault, I moved away, and he continued to harass me and threatened me to drop the charges. This crime has caused me fear, pain and a financial burden,’ she wrote.
The other woman Williams raped was not present for the sentencing, during which Judge Morin said Williams ‘was a victim of an independent crime and has serious medical issues.’
Williams’ own attack occurred in 2013 as he walked down a Washington street.
A man approached him and tossed acid in his face that dripped down his body, he told the Post.
‘I thought I was going to die,’ Williams recalled

Massive second and third-degree burns put him in the hospital for two months, blinded him in one eye and nearly blinded him in the other.
Williams believes the jealous boyfriend of a woman he was dating was behind the assault, the Post reports. 
Much of his face is now gnarled and disfigured and he currently has a massive lump at the top of his skull where doctors have surgically implanted a rod that stretches his skin in order to promote healing.
He’s undergone some 20 surgeries and still faces more ‘life threatening surgeries.

Source: Washington Post/UK Daily Mail