Entertainment: Former Heavy Weight Boxing Champion ‘Mike Tyson’ And Bin Laden Mansions Up For Sale. (Ekun Samuel, 5:53am)

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The brother to the former most wanted Man in the world 'Khalil Bin Laden' and former heavy weight champion mansions now up for sale. The reported abandoned mansion in Ohio formerly owned by Mike Tyson reportedly been turned into Church is now up for sale again and now known as over-the-top mansion. While the 1920's mansion formerly belonging to Khalil Bin Laden in Oakland Florida which he fled with his family in a chartered jet after it was announced that his brother Osama Bin Laden was responsible for US December 11 2001 attack. Khalil bought the mansion back in 1980 as a gift to his wife. Until September 11 attack and his late brother Osama Bin Laden announced to be the mastermind behind the attack which made him fled the country with his family in a chartered jet. The mansion is now been up for sale again.