HEALTH : The Medicinal And Healing Properties Of Mango Leave. PART 2.

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By Lizzy Adie |3rd April | 8AM 

6.  Cures Dysentery: Mango Leaves helps to treat bleeding Dysentery. Mango Leaves dried in a shade should be powdered and then be taken with water two to three times a day to stop dysentery. 
7.  Eat Aches : Ear ache can be quite irritating, using this home remedy provides good relief. A teaspoon of juice extracted from mango leaves as eardrops provides relief from earache. Heat the juice slightly before using it. 
8. Heal Burns : To heal burns on the skin and scalds, burn a handful of mango leaves to ashes. Apply this ash on the affected area. It provides instant relief and helps. 
9. Treat Hiccups And Throat Problem : If you are suffering from hiccups or throat problems, mango leaves are a good home remedy. Burn a few mango leaves and inhale the smoke. This helps to cure hiccups and throat problems. 
10. Stomach Tonic:  Put some mango leaves in a warm water, close it with a lid, and leave it overnight. The next day morning, filter the water and drink it on an empty stomach. Regular intake of this infusion acts as a good stomach tonic and helps prevent various stomach ailment. 
    Since the mango leaves are available throughout the year, using them for home remedies is easy. The antioxidant and antimicrobial Properties helps treat various ailments efficiently.