HEALTH : Side Effects Of Contraceptive Pills, Estrogen.

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By Lizzy Adie|8th April|10 am.
      Oestrogen: any of a group of steroid hormones which promote the develpoment and maintainace of female characteristics of the body. Such hormones are also produced artficially for the use of oral contraceptives or treat menopousal and menstral disorder. Hormones that are important for sexual and reproductives development mainly in women , are also referred to as Female Sex Hormones.
        Oral contraceptives may cause side effects. tell your doctor if any of these symptoms are severe or do not go away.
–  Vomiting.
–  Stomach cramps or bleeding.
–  Diarrhea
–  Nausa
– Constipation
– Increased or decreased appetite.
– Weight gain or weight loss.
– Acne
– Hair growth in unusual places.
– Bleeding or spotting between menstral periods.
– Swelling.of the gum tssues (gingivitis)
– Changes in menstral flow.
-Breast tenderness,enlargement,or discharge.
– White vaginal discharge.

  Some side effects can be more serious.The following symptoms are uncommon,but if you experience any of them, call your doctor immediately.
– Severe headache.
– Severe vomiting.
– Speech problem.
– Dizziness or faintness.
– Weakness or numbness of an arm or leg.
– Crushing chest pain or chest hearness.
– Coughing.
– Shortness of breath.
– Leg pain.
– Partial or complete loss of vision.
– Double vision.
– Severe stomach pain.
– Loss of appetite.
– Extreme tiredness,weakess or lack of energy.
– Fever.
– Swelling of the hands,feet,ankles,or lower legs.

  Oral contraceptives may increase the chance that you will develop liver tumors. These tumors are not a forms of cancer, but they can break and cause serious bleeding inside the body. Oral contraceptives may also increase the chance that you will develop breast or liver cancer,or have a heart attack,a stroke,or a serious blood clot. Talk to your doctor about the risks of using oral contraceptives.
  Some studies show that women who take oral contraceptives that contains Drosperinone may be more likely to develop deep vein Thrombosis (a serious or life threathening conditon in which blood clots that form in the veins,usually in the legs and may move through the body to the lungs) than women who take oral contraceptives that do not contain Drosperionone.
  Talk to your doctor about the risk that you will develop blood clots and about which oral contraceptives or other methods of birth control may be the best choice for you.

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