NEWS : Balogun Market In Lagos On Fire Again

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Nelson Amaobi Osuala 2 April 2015, 9:14am
As Nigerians are still trying to reminiscese on the outcome of the presidential elections last saturday which seems to have left many in what looks like a mixed feeling as some are seen in joyous expression of victory for the emergence of Gen. Buhari as winner over the incumbent president of Nigeria in the person of Dr. Goodluck Ebele jonathan, A heavy bombshell fell that terminated the mood of traders in balogun market located in lagos island as they were visited with the CHANGE which they never would wish even their worse enemy.

These settlers and traders were seen helpless and in tears as they resumed the day’s activity to meet their stores and shops burnt beyond recognition and in a total reck. Having lost their wares in the angry inferno, they were left in total dismay feeling nonplussed of what next to do.
It was just Barely two months ago, the same fire visited this market without a notice, destroying properties worth a good chunk of money ranging in millions.
With this kind of thing happening, one wonders whether the said Market has been bewitched with evil occurrences?

An Eye witness reported that this incident has gradually become what seems like a daily experience by traders and hence something that need a critical and urgent redress.
Further investigation had It that the fire was as a result of high unregulated voltage supply and also the unchecked appliances which are always carelessly left running even after the days work and closure of shops.

This continuous fire outbreak in Lagos island has become a worry that hunts lagosians like a nightmare and It is to this reason that we enjoin shop owners and her unions to put in adequate measures to avoid future occurrence of this negative mishap as this incessant fire outbreaks is without doubt not the kind of CHANGE we are clamouring for, especially in this period in which our country is experiencing a political transition from a POWER signifying PDP to a CHANGE depicting APC.