SPORT: Only Shot On Target Gave Chelsea A Hard Fought Victory.

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By Ekun Samuel, 12|April|2015, 3:43PM.
A goal from Cesc Fabregas in the 88rd minute, assist from Eden Harzard starting a trickery turn at the left side of midfield of the half of QPR gave Chelsea a win and extend their lead at the league standings with seven points ahead of Arsenal who won 1-0 against Burnley on Saturday. It has a hard fought victory for Chelsea who had their heart in their mouth as QPR gave them a run for their victory money. Thibaut Coutiois  made a stunning safe in the 63rd minute which gave Chelsea a big relief with the tempo of game of high intensity at the second half. Chelsea scored with their only shot on target in the game that saw them show a lackluster display. Chelsea are now sitting seven points ahead of Arsenal with one game in hand.